Tr3 Gamers

Tr3 Gamers is a gaming club for the students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences! We organize events and gaming sessions for a variety of games and help stream other clubs’ events to the masses.

Smash Bros

T3G has a long history in Smash! We have been organizing large scale tournaments like Bob-Omb Battlefield and Smash Sauna. We also have monthlies at our clubroom!

The monthlies are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month 17.00-22.00, see #tampere in Smash Finland’s Discord for registration each month.

Dancing games

Ever seen those videos of people dancing on a pad and hitting sliding arrows? We do that here! We primarily play with ITGMania. The clubroom has two modded pads, a big 120 fps screen, and a massive fan for cooling. Bring your water bottle and sweatpants, this e-sport is very physical!

We have weeklies every Wednesday 18.00-22.00. If you’re a student at Tampere University, you can just walk in during that time, the clubroom’s doors are open. Otherwise, ask on the #tanssipelit channel on our Discord!

Beginners welcome! Our friendly community regularly helps new players get started. It’s completely free even if you aren’t a member, so you can just try it out once or twice to see if dance games are for you!


We organize various gaming-related events, like RWPT (Random WideoPeliTurnaus) during Wappu, LAN events and tournaments.


We have a large amount of streaming gear at our clubroom, as well as the know-how for organizing livestreams for students events! Contact us at tr3gamersry (at) if you’re interested in this kind of services.

Find us on campus!

Our clubroom resides in the bomb shelter of Tampere University’s Hervanta campus. It’s a black door with our logo on it, next to a bunch of gray lockers, in the end of a large empty hall (the area where sitsi’s are held).

If in doubt, wait at the ramp outside and ping @hallitus on Discord to come open the door for you.